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Zhejiang Wanguan motor Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, founded in 1997, There are more than 300 employees in the company , located in Zhenhai district Ningbo city, covers ??over 28,000 square meters area, with more than 25 automatic semi-automatic production line, The environment is beautiful,the transportation is convenient and the elite is concentrate,  The environment is very good for entrepreneurship and cooperation . The company specializes in design and manufacture various types of  wound motors, permanent magnet DC motors and other products. Widely used in power tools, appliances, office equipment, specific supporting air pressure machine, belt machine, wire saw machines, meat machine, soybean milk, Food cooking machine, hand-held mixer, office equipment and other products in the field of . More than 50 percent of exports or supporting exports to the United States, Europe, Japan and other markets.

    The company has advanced and complete systematic quality testing equipment, instruments, tools and strict quality control, tracking and improvement systems, We gained our clients‘ trust in the course of many years of cooperation with domestic and foreign businesses. We also has a strong design and growing manufacturing capacity, annual output is over 10 million units of the DC motor,10 million units of series motor , and co-operation with universities and research institutions. absorbing international advanced technology to develop the introduction of new products constantly , We also manner to help customers to choose the design, manufacture various models of motor in time. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, the authority of the audit and obtain the certificate. Self-design a variety of products with the clients‘ machine have been verified by UL, VDE, CCC, We are constantly committed to product technology research and updates, and produce according to customer and social requirements timely .Dedicated to designing new products that better meet the needs of life and society.